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Today Jupiter enters Pisces at 8:09pm EST.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and luck and she is quite at home in dreamy generous Pisces. A breath of fresh spring air will breeze through our winter hibernation. Pisces brings compassion and community, togetherness and heart that is sorely needed.

Capricorn rules now with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto all in Capricorn. Combining the harder-edge, harder-working energy of Capricorn with the abundance of Pisces Jupiter can make this a very lucrative stretch of time. Work hard, be generous with yourself and others and the abundance will flow.

You can read below for your Sun Sign or Your Dollar Sign.

Your Sun Sign will relate to your conscious money patterns and instinctive way of responding. Your Dollar Sign will lead you to the adventure of learning to make more and stress less:

Aries Sun Sign or Aries Dollar Sign

This is a bit of an awkward time for you. A child of the Sun, the winter doldrums can get you down. The hard work, no fun vibes of Capricorn ain’t interesting either. Nor is Pisces wishy washy ways. Though you can make sense of Pisces creativity and imagination. So let’s start there.

As the sign of the child, you have a strong connection with your imagination and as a result with the creativity that flows through it. So get creative with ways you can make money. Imagine the fun you’d have shopping after you’d created your best payday yet. Pisces in Jupiter can support you in dreaming big right now.

Once you’ve carved out the Biggest Dream, let the energy of Capricorn drive you to getting there. Like you, Capricorn has horns. The horned ones can connect on their stubbornness, ambition and will to succeed. So let Capricorn energy get you to where you want to go. One step at a time.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Taurus Sun Sign or Taurus Dollar Sign

The energy now is ideally suited to your needs. As another horned sign, you connect well with Capricorn. The horned ones shared traits bring success; stubbornness, ambition and the sheer will to succeed. You are all driven, albeit at different paces.

Pisces brings the nurturing that sustains you and Jupiter helps you expand your horizons. You have one of the strongest connections to cash. One of your downfalls is not realizing the power you have available to you. Truthfully, you think too small. Pisces Jupiter can help counteract this habit and allow you to create the home and life of your dreams.

So focus now on defining where you want to go, first. Then use your inherent practicality and Capricorn single focus to develop a plan. Remember that you move slowly so factor that into your plan so others who rely on you know what to expect. Then start you slow but sure adventure to your wildest dreams.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Gemini Sun Sign or Gemini Dollar Sign

Let’s be honest, you think Capricorns are a stick in the mud and Pisces are as appealing as a wet blanket(all that emoting! ick). But you aren’t the sign of opposition for nothing. You can find ways to connect to both energies. Especially, since it’ll get ya paid!

Capricorn provides structure and you understand order, as your bookshelf proves. Be willing to add some structure to your financial life. Choose a day of the week to focus on your money. Organize and automate your bill payments. Create a plan for your shopping. Order makes more room for freedom.

The duality of two fish swimming in opposite directions feels very familiar for the sign of the twins. Enter the dream world of Pisces and imagine the two favorite but opposite lives you’d love to lead. You are the Queen of Both, but in this Capricorn season choose one to start with and let the structure you create bring it to you.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Cancer Sun Sign or Cancer Dollar Sign

Security calls to you and Capricorn energy can help provide it. So step into structure and be willing to look for places you can save. Then take what money you create by cutting expenses and increase your savings.

You can take it a step further and move on to investing your savings. Jupiter’s strong influence now can expand your wealth if you invest wisely. You can get investing ideas from platforms like Motely Fool where you can get all the advice you need from their Stock Advisor service for under $100.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Leo Sun Sign or Leo Dollar Sign

Though Capricorn frugality doesn’t suit you, neither does a watery Jupiter’s so let’s look at how you can best manage the energy now. Capricorn’s keynote is responsibility. Financial responsibility is based on spending less than you earn. We know you’re not trying to be cheap, which means you need to focus on bringing in more money.

Leo paths to cash revolve around leadership and showmanship. Look for ways and places you can take center stage or lead a team. It doesn’t have to involve getting on stage or running your own business. Although both of those are great choices for you, you can be creative in the expression. Even volunteering for a non-profit where you can take on a leadership role will help your cash flow. Using your gifts is more important than using them in a place you think will generate money.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Virgo Sun Sign or Virgo Dollar Sign

Both of these energies work well with your Virgo mojo. Hard working Capricorn’s frugality and tenacity both reassure you. Pisces is your opposite so there’s a certain chemistry there too. This Jupiter in Pisces will nurture you in ways you would not think possible.

Lean into the Capricorn by reviewing where you’re willing to work hard. You can get lost in all the data of your priorities. Find what you’re committed to and let Capricorn support you in having single focus to get it done.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Libra Sun Sign or Libra Dollar Sign

You have an unexpected connection with both Pisces and Capricorn. Air signs like you normally operate best with other Air signs(Gemini & Aquarius) or Fire signs like Leo, Sagittarius or Aries. However, you have CEO badassery vibes in common with Capricorn and mutual desire to protect your people in common with Pisces. So the current energy dynamic can bring you both success and a growing bank account.

All you need do is step into the flow of the energy. Your brilliant mind can find entertainment aplenty but that makes it hard to maintain focus. Jupiter in Pisces can help you dream big luxurious dreams and Capricorn can help you stay focused on what needs to be done to bring them into reality.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Scorpio Sun Sign or Scorpio Dollar Sign

Jupiter in your sister sign of Pisces and all the Capricorn energy both work wonders for you. Your Scorpio water energy flows with Pisces to make expanding your bank account as easy as pouring a tall cool glass of water. Capricorn’s grounding makes the perfect container to focus your power. All signs are go on wealth building for you this winter.

Start with some quality time in a jacuzzi (or your bathtub will do too!) relaxing and imagining what you’d like to change about your finances. How much more money would you like to be flowing in? What kind of new job would be more satisfying for you? Once you’re clear on what you want, Capricorn can help you lay out specific, practical steps to success.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Sagittarius Sun Sign or Sagittarius Dollar Sign

Like most of the air & other fire signs, this dynamic can feel out of sync with your ways. Jupiter is Pisces may feel too unclear for your bold & direct style. Likewise, Capricorn’s slow plodding runs contrary to your need for swift adventures.

Still, you can find common ground with your neighbor Capricorn. The hard work required now will be familiar to you and something you can take on easily. Focusing your natural practicality on what changes you need to make in your finances will yield big results. A bit more consistency and focus is needed now than you are used to, but add it to your lists of things to get done. Consider getting started on tax planning if you haven’t already. You got this!

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Capricorn Sun Sign or Capricorn Dollar Sign

This is your time. The energy of the season supports your natural way of being. So keep going with your hard work, practicality and frugality. You do best when you’re focused on just one thing. Use this time with Jupiter in Pisces supporting you to dream big about what that one thing can be. Upgrade your ambitions and watch them come much faster than usual.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Aquarius Sun Sign or Aquarius Dollar Sign

Energetically, you are the perfect bridge between Capricorn and Pisces as you are a neighbor to both. Capricorn rules responsibility and you, like no other sign, understand being responsible to humanity. Pisces leads to unity through love. While you have a more mental connection driving your humanitarian ways, the focus of oneness rings true for you.

Your creativity and imagination are supercharged by the Piscean Jupiter energy. Remember, your money comes in quick flashes from personal connections. You need to express your quirky ways where your creativity can be witnessed by others and justly rewarded.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Pisces Sun Sign or Pisces Dollar Sign

Jupiter moving into your sign brings an easy flow of abundance to you. Jupiter is the sign of luck, expansion and good fortune. She’s chosen to bestow her favor upon you. You’ll need this energetic boost to get through Capricorn season.

Capricorn is a bit dry and diligent to be quite a good fit for you. However, they are good at being frugal and you can appreciate the feeling of security brought by wise choices in your spending. So take the time to review the things you’re spending money on that aren’t bringing you joy. Subscriptions are lovely when they provide a steady stream of something you adore. But it’s easy to fall into renewing things that don’t serve you well.

Let the structure of Capricorn help you get your subscriptions straight. And beginning to get ready for tax season now will make it less painful later. While Jupiter shines on you is a good time to get the ball rolling. And remember to ask for help when you need it.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Astrology is a journey into our own inner landscapes.  Each of us is a multifaceted being that does not comfortably fit into one box or another.  So read your Sun Sign as well as your Dollar Sign.  You can even read all 12 and “reveal” to what feels true in your circumstance today.  YOU and only YOU can shape your destiny.

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Keep in mind that money loves momentum.  The smallest steps repeated every day for a long period, often result in a huge shift. Start by choosing one small change and maintain it, daily and consistently.  Big changes move the impact forward in time; however, large changes in the way you handle your money can create complications in the present.  Be sure to consult with your accountant, attorney, tax advisor, financial consultant, or other professionals before making any large investments or expenditures.

Always remember, you are the ruler of your own money.  We encourage you to rule wisely and with impeccable professional guidance.

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