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The Eclipse of the Taurus Full Moon on the 19th launches a two year cycle of change.  Eclipses operate on an axis of opposite signs.  This eclipse is the first in a series of the Taurus-Scorpio dynamic. Taurus is the ruler of long term investments and Scorpio knows how to bring home the earned income.  You have the opportunity to create deeply grounded wealth. 

Eclipses bring unexpected change, unveiling of secrets, bright lights to the shadows and shadows to the height of the day.  Everything may seem upside down and it may be hard to get your footing.  But being grounded now is crucial.  The earth may move beneath your feet but sway and dance with it.  Your bank account will thank you.

A bottomless pool sits at the top of a mountain, so still the surface is a mirror.  The depths couldn’t exist without the mountain holding it, supporting it, forming it.  The earth is the container that allows the pool to exist.  This is the interplay between Scorpio water and Taurus earth.

The next two years will give you repeated opportunities to learn to swim in the deep pool of increasing your income and walk the long slow path of building your investments.  This is one of the best times to focus on mastering your money. 

You can read below for your Sun Sign or Your Dollar Sign.

Your Sun Sign will relate to your conscious money patterns and instinctive way of responding. Your Dollar Sign will lead you to the adventure of learning to make more and stress less:

Aries Sun Sign or Aries Dollar Sign

You’re fun, quick to many things including anger and your impulses can contribute to your money stress. Taurus’s slow, steady and methodical energy runs counter to yours. You can’t slow down to match this pace. So don’t.

Taurus is about long term investing, business building and home ownership particularly. Look elsewhere for your investing fun – and fun is key for you – to faster paced arenas like crypto and tech. Or anything you find fun, frankly.

Commit to go to war with your money challenges. Then stick to it stubbornly. That’s something in the Taurus dynamic where you can excel: Stubborn So use it to your advantage.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Taurus Sun Sign or Taurus Dollar Sign

These eclipse cycles will bring you great opportunities, and great challenges. This Full Moon in Taurus would naturally bring abundance your way. Building wealth one slow step at a time is your birthright and these two years leave much for you to acquire.

But the eclipse dynamic is erratic and brings the unexpected. Your plans will be disrupted. It will be uncomfortable which you despise. To offset the emotional discomfort, focus on your physical comfort. Eat well, hermit up in your comfortable beautiful home, get a massage or better yet a spa day. Spend more than you think you can afford on yourself.

Spending more on your comfort right now can help you weather the unpredictable. Spoil yourself however you can. As a child of Venus, comfort and beauty bring you peace and joy. So focus there in the eclipse season. This will give you the emotional support to keep yourself on your usual practical, methodical pace despite the upheaval of the unexpected.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Gemini Sun Sign or Gemini Dollar Sign

You find Taurus’ slow and steady pace quite boring. Instant gratification is so much sexier. So you’ll have to work to spruce up Taurus ways to something Gemini presentable. Use your quick mind and creativity to find inventive ways to build your wealth.

Taurus rules real estate and buying investments to keep for the long haul. Business ownership falls in this category. Starting a business in communication or the arts can leverage your natural talents in the Taurus zone. Use your mental super powers to research investments that will do well over long periods of time.

Your airy intellect syncs well with technology so try using an app to set it and forget it wealth building. So whether it’s Robinhood or Voyager, find an investment you can get behind and set up an automatic purchase schedule. Even if it’s only $5 a month to start with, moving in the Taurus energy will allow other money to come to you from unexpected places.

Buckle up it’s going to be a crazy few weeks but you’ll enjoy the ride.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Cancer Sun Sign or Cancer Dollar Sign

It’s a lot. Grounded isn’t your jam. All the stability of Taurus feels counterintuitive to you. And intuition is the faith you live by. Conversely, grounded is exactly what you need. Your longing for security is actually your soul’s way of asking for support. You need earth energy to hold you, create space for you and be the banks of your river or the mountain that holds your pool.

Find a safe outdoor space. Take a bowl (preferably clay) and fill it with water. Go outside on the night of the 18th and sit on the ground under the full moonlight. Look into the water in the bowl and repeat to yourself: “I am fully supported” Breathe deeply and focus on how you would feel knowing that you have no money concerns and you & your family have everything you need.

The good news is you can adapt and flow around the unexpected events in this eclipse season. The moon is your guide. So you can live comfortably in her changeable energy dynamic. Give yourself permission to envision how wealth can serve you and let the moon work her magic.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Leo Sun Sign or Leo Dollar Sign

While Leo and Taurus can agree on looking good, there is a strong disconnect between these energies financially. Taurus conserves and Leo spends. It’s an opposition of contraction and expansion that leaves Leo feeling at odds with this eclipse.

You were born to rule. So you want your appearance and castle to reflect that. Reasonable. And it takes royal coffers to give Leo what she deserves. So instead of seeing Taurus practicality as boring and stuffy, change your perspective.

It takes long term planning to build an empire and Taurus energy can help you do just that. Use the consistency of Taurus to consistently grow your empire. Open a savings account and make a deposit before the 19th. Decide how much you will deposit every month to go toward building your empire. Rule in wealth.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Virgo Sun Sign or Virgo Dollar Sign

Your energy works well with this Taurus eclipse. You won’t like the erratic vibes that surface and the ensuing events will just give you more to worry about. That’s where Taurus can help.

When confronted with problems, Taurus takes action. Slow considered action but action nonetheless. So when you find yourself worrying, take a Taurus approach. Do something about it. And if there’s nothing you can do at this moment, let it go. There’s too much else to do.

The other step that can align you with the Taurus Full Moon is planning. With Venus in Capricorn, this is an ideal time to choose just one thing to focus on. So whether its reducing your debt, increasing your income or finding ways to destress about money, pick your focus. And write out a plan – hint – a spreadsheet may be handy.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Libra Sun Sign or Libra Dollar Sign

You and Taurus are sister signs as you are both ruled by Venus, which makes it easier for you to align with the energy of this eclipse. Your Taurus sister just asks you to take a break and slow down your pace. The airy adventures of new ideas and new creations keeps you flitting about. Now is the time to be still.

Sit in beauty. Enjoy the cool autumn breezes. Breath in the possibilities. Don’t just blow by the earthly delights or the call to practicality. Taurus can bring you more of the comforts and beauty you treasure. Just slow down long enough to let your creativity take hold.

You can claim the Taurus gifts of wealth when you honor her ways that are a step off of your path. Use that brilliant mind of yours for planning a beautiful future. Then claim the Taurus blessing of walking the path to wealth and beauty one step of the plan at a time.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Scorpio Sun Sign or Scorpio Dollar Sign

This eclipse season brings you into your own when it comes to wealth. The next two years will be pivotal for you. You have the ability to create wealth or destroy it. Develop an appetite for construction and you can build wealth that allows for more value and meaning in your life.

In this first step of your adventure, you are confronted with the values of Taurus whose energy is opposite yours. Scorpio is depth and knowledge of human motivation and the human condition. Taurus is exerting power on the physical plane. While Scorpio is more ethereal and Taurus more material, they are both about the exertion of power.

Operating on the material plane does not make Taurus shallow. It’s just another facet of human motivation, which Scorpio knows so well. Take your turn at valuing the acquisition of wealth, the claiming of status and the ability to craft the appearance of structures, environments and people. Taurus knows how to have it all and Scorpio will definitely appreciate having that power.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Sagittarius Sun Sign or Sagittarius Dollar Sign

For Sagittarius, Taurus is a challenge. A traveler by nature, Sagittarius has a hard time understanding the Taurus desire to stay put. Putting down roots and being able to build upon something over time is very foreign to Sagittarius with their adventurous ways.

The best way for Sagittarius to operate in this eclipse is to take it as an adventure. The unexpected jolts to your system that an eclipse provides and the reversals of perspective can feed the Sagittarius soul. You love the search for Higher Knowledge.

When you engage with Taurus energy, you acquire the ability to build the foundations upon which knowledge can rest. So take a break from your physical travels and have an inner adventure learning what you can from Taurus. Choose a piece of your life that deserves to be better funded and better managed. Let Taurus show you the path to foundational knowledge.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Capricorn Sun Sign or Capricorn Dollar Sign

Few signs can value Taurus’ contribution as well as Capricorn. You are both builders and investors in the long term rewards of consistency and commitment. Being able to implement Taurus strengths may prove more of a challenge.

Lady Taurus is a master of everything. She has the perfect home, well behaved children, a stylish wardrobe and an adoring husband. She has it all. Capricorn only knows how to do one thing at a time and it is most frequently working. Hard. Very, very hard. Taurus can help you expand your horizons and improve your relationships. Make a plan to go out to dinner once a week with a friend or loved one. Take the first step in learning to take a break.

Having more to life than your work will help you manage your stress and improve the quality of your life. You are the Queen of Suffering Thru It and going without. You work so hard for so long you don’t even notice the strain you put on yourself. It’s time to start the process of unwinding. You can not build your wealth if you break yourself.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Aquarius Sun Sign or Aquarius Dollar Sign

One of Taurus superpowers is building social status, be it personally or professionally. Your strength is in friendships. However, you aren’t able to feel truly at home even with your friends because of how you perceive yourself. You feel like the strange one, who doesn’t quite fit no matter where you are or who you are with. You have the skills and creativity to follow any path you choose. In fact you must follow a path of your own making.

However, you do not have to travel your path alone. Learn from Lady Taurus about the gift of belonging. She crafts her status from the communities she is a part of. She knows how to belong. The first lesson she can teach you is self acceptance. No one will accept you while you are unwilling to accept yourself.

She can also teach you about building wealth, just for yourself. You are a defender of humanity. You often see the acquisition of personal wealth as a negative if not the negative in the world. Capitalism isn’t quite your jam. Truth is, we need more people like you to hold the strings of power that come with wealth. You’d be able to help and defend a lot more people if you had more money. So consider building your wealth so you can help humanity. We need you.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Pisces Sun Sign or Pisces Dollar Sign

You are the mystic of the zodiac so Taurus brings you a ritual to grow your wealth. Taurus is all about food. They share love through their food, they celebrate with food, they console with food. So let’s grow your wealth with food.

Choose any vegetable that grows underground. It doesn’t matter if you use carrots, beets, potatoes or sweet potatoes, just as long as it grows underground. Every day of the eclipse period (from Nov 19 to Dec 4) include one of these vegetables in your last meal of the day.

Pause before you eat and say these words:
As the earth has grown this food
So let the earth grow my wealth
As the earth provides this sustenance
So let the earth sustain me.
So let it be.

You are designed to go with the flow. Fluidity is a gift that should be cherished. And, earth energy supports you in using that gift. The repetition of doing the ritual daily provides practice in consistency will help you bridge the gap between your flow and Taurus grounding.

Be blessed.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Astrology is a journey into our own inner landscapes.  Each of us is a multifaceted being that does not comfortably fit into one box or another.  So read your Sun Sign as well as your Dollar Sign.  You can even read all 12 and “reveal” to what feels true in your circumstance today.  YOU and only YOU can shape your destiny.

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Keep in mind that money loves momentum.  The smallest steps repeated every day for a long period, often result in a huge shift. Start by choosing one small change and maintain it, daily and consistently.  Big changes move the impact forward in time; however, large changes in the way you handle your money can create complications in the present.  Be sure to consult with your accountant, attorney, tax advisor, financial consultant, or other professionals before making any large investments or expenditures.

Always remember, you are the ruler of your own money.  We encourage you to rule wisely and with impeccable professional guidance.

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