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Dark Voyages & Deep Transformation

Venus in Scorpio September 10 – October 7, 2021

Venus rules eternal over Love and Money.  As she moves into sultry, secretive, vengeful Scorpio she leaves her airy summer villa by the sea and retreats to her winter castle high in the mountains.  Despite the treacherous journey to her snowy fortress, it is worth the effort to arrive at the depths of luxury.  Plus, behind the moat, the towering walls and her army’s sharp swords lay her biggest treasure trove.  When she has your loyalty, the Queen loves to share her jewels.  If you are willing to dig deep and uncover the secrets you have hidden from yourself, Venus in Scorpio offers transformations and immeasurable gifts.

Another deep fall pastime of the Ruler of Heart and Wealth is playing with her pet Phoenix who resides in the castle on the crag.  As darkness falls sooner and we creep toward winter solstice, the Phoenix’s transformation echoes our own opportunities.  Destruction begets rebirth.

As Venus moves into Scorpio on November 20, we can destroy our habits of wallet and mind.  Stripped of what we have known and loved; all is lost.  After a horrifyingly long pause, we can rise from the ashes ready to fly free from our own rebirth.  It has been a long hard year, and the coming decade will be no return to the frivolous, carefree days of summer.  Make yourself ready while you can. Winter is Coming.

You can read the below for your Sun Sign or Your Dollar Sign.  Your Sun Sign will relate to your conscious money patterns and instinctive way of responding.  Your Dollar Sign will lead you to the deeper work of transforming your relationship to wealth:

Aries Sun Sign or Aries Dollar Sign

Swimming in a swamp can be drowning in fear or floating in the arms of a water goddess.  You choose.  This season is about going deep and staying in flow.  All that watery business just isn’t your style. You like to charge in and take charge. 

Distracting yourself with fun would be a better choice for now.  No big purchases.  Just say no to charging it.  Even a bunch of little purchases will add up quickly this round. Find some cheap fun and enjoy until mid-December.

If the fighter in you just can’t do without a challenge: Look for what you are most afraid of and do inner battle. Often with Aries it is either fear of missing out or trying to avoid the pains of your childhood.  Take a good look at how fear is driving your choices and the destination you end up as a result.

Gambling and the high-risk adventures you love are a great place to take a first look.

Or retreat to the cheap fun.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Taurus Sun Sign or Taurus Dollar Sign

This season is complete in opposition to you in many ways.  You’d rather keep your feet firmly on solid logical ground than wade into deep emotional waters.  The inner workings of humanity’s motivations are far less intriguing than the data of investments and savings account balances.  Since you love the path of least resistance, aim toward the common ground of Scorpio’s love of luxury. 

You know when you part with your hard-earned dollars, you’re most likely to spend it on lavish rewards for yourself.  Most often this revolves around where you spend the most time, be it the deep comfort of home or the speed and prestige of that lovely car of yours.  If your bank account approves, go buy yourself something fabulous.

If your checking account balance and available credit are laughing at you, it’s time to put away your lazy ways and put your stubbornness to good use.  Face your money situation and find something to be stubborn about.  Is your food spending more than your house payment?  Have you spent a billion dollars on home improvements this year?  Take a good hard look at where your money has gone.  Then either get stubborn about spending less or stubborn about making more.  You’ll thank yourself later when you can afford the lavish rewards again.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Gemini Sun Sign or Gemini Dollar Sign

You’re gonna want to check out from this emotional deep dive.  Avoidance by distraction is your art form so let’s put it to good use. Having your inner twins delve into your motivations for alternating between shopping binges and the punishing self-deprivation of trying to save money?  No fun at all.

Let’s put your multitasking wizardry on high alert.  Make a list of all the ways you could make more money.  It doesn’t matter how extreme or salacious they may be, write them down.  Get that powerhouse brain of yours all revved up on the possibilities.   The more fun they are, the better.

Then get either your good twin or your bad twin to take on one of the projects.  Or better yet find one they can both get behind. 

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Cancer Sun Sign or Cancer Dollar Sign

You know Flow.  You know Feelings.  So this is one of your supercharged seasons when it comes to money. 

Take the time to really get to know your feelings about money and what she does for you.  Pretend money is your mother.  How do you feel about what she does for you?  What scares you about how she behaves?  What decisions do you make, not because you want to but because it’s what Mommy thinks is best?

Cancers live in fear of disappointing others and get into the habit of lying to make others happy.  Where are you lying to yourself when it comes to money? Being afraid of loss – loss of love or loss of security – drives a lot of your decision making. Journal about what you are afraid of when it comes to money and what you would do differently if that fear could never come to pass. 

Honestly give yourself permission to be free of fear.  Imagine what life could look like if you were free.  Feel the feelings of having no worries about money.  Feel what making more money than you can spend doing something you love really feels like.  Snuggle up with the feelings and let them lead you to different choices.

You’ve so got this!

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Leo Sun Sign or Leo Dollar Sign

Scorpio has power.  And castles.  And treasure.  She’s a Queen you can respect.  You love her sense of luxury and her style.  Living in her Queendom, however, will be quite the challenge. Are you up for it?

You’ll need to put your ego down for a minute.  Really, you can pick it up again shortly.  Let’s talk about your self-sabotage.  That crazy spending habit.  Magicking up awesome opportunities then letting them slip away.  Abandoning yourself in love til there’s no room left for you.  Prioritizing anything, everything but yourself first.  Let Scorpio help you find the time and place you decided you were not worthy of the crown that is your destiny. 

Ok, now pick the crown back up again.  And your ego too for that matter. Both were gifted to you for good reason.  You are worthy of them.  You are worthy of love.  You are worthy of wealth.  Now sign your royal decree that you are a Badass, a Ruler and worth having your heart’s every desire.  Rule on.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Virgo Sun Sign or Virgo Dollar Sign

Dear Beloved Virgo, your analysis paralysis and deep-seated fears are ganging up on you. You know every risk.  You know every possibility.  You know all the odds.  Unfortunately, life is not a well-organized data set you can navigate painlessly and risk free.  No matter how careful you are, pain, loss and scarcity will occur. Let Scorpio lead you through the Valley of Death and to the promised land on the other side.

Love, family, and time well spent are all more valuable than money.  You know this.  What if you won the lottery but lost the love of your life?  What if you were given the house of your dreams but no one in your family could ever set foot in it?  You spend your time unwisely trying to save money or reduce risk.  Those are hours you can never get back.  Huge chunks of your lifetime are being wasted on worry.  You are inherently frugal.   You now need to become responsible in dispensing the resource that is you.

You are the great caretaker and steward of resources.  You can not serve if you have drained yourself dry.  Give yourself permission to relax, to feel the joy of unwinding.  Revel in the fact you can make mistakes and that trying to avoid them all is more effort than it’s worth.  It’s not easy.  And, I have faith in you.

But if that’s all too much, start a spreadsheet on how much time you spend worrying and weighing all your options.  Calculate how much your time is worth per hour.  See the value of the time you spend.

Being kinder to yourself might be less painful than doing the math.  Hugs!

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Libra Sun Sign or Libra Dollar Sign

Queen recognizes Queen, especially when they are neighbors.  Your castle is more romantic, and love filled than next door in Scorpio’s Queendom.  But you both have great taste and a love of luxury.  You both also have dungeons.  Although she makes better use of hers and visits them more often.

It is time to examine the darkness in your dungeons.  What hopes and dreams have you given up on and locked away in fear that they will never materialize?  What choices have you weighed for so long you’ve given up on choosing a path?  Which fears terrorized you so much you just locked them up and threw away the key?  Your dungeons are overflowing, and the prisoners are threatening to riot.  They are an immediate risk to your Queendom and your treasures.

It’s time to set your dreams free, execute your fears and make some room.  Large sections of the dungeons need to be converted to extra storage for your treasury.  Once you have unburdened yourself, the wealth will pour in.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Scorpio Sun Sign or Scorpio Dollar Sign

Transformation is your magic.  Your desire for control and your vengeance are both birthed from fear.  It’s time to transform that fear back into the engine that generates your power.

Let’s talk control.  Clutching the reins so tightly that you bleed will not cause the horse to go in the right direction.  The gift of control was not given to you to wield on others.  It’s to manage yourself and the destruction that is necessary for life to carry on. 

You are the Queen of Endings.  Whether your money flows like a never-ending torrent or has turned into a dried-up spring, it’s time to destroy its pathways so it can emerge stronger.  Journal about all the ways money flows to you and from you.  Imagine a pause when money is neither flowing in nor flowing out.  If it were a pool it would be completely empty, and you would only see the dry bottom. 

Turn on your saddest, darkest music and sit the feeling of having nothing coming in and nothing to spend.  Turn the music off.  Turn your thoughts to your heart’s truest desires.  What lights you up.  What brings you joy? Write down those desires.    Imagine a life where those things were your priority.   Either they become the source of your income or your sources of income make room for your desires.

Take the first small step into the flow of those possibilities and see where the river takes you.

Give yourself permission to rebirth your cash flow.  Now is your time.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Sagittarius Sun Sign or Sagittarius Dollar Sign

The bridge between you and Scorpio is wisdom.  While Scorpio wisdom runs to the depths of humanity’s motivations, you know the higher wisdom of Divinity.  You know the ways in which the Divine provides, protects, and nurtures.  You know the ways of the soul.

Spend some time with the things you know to be true.  Not what you have learned, but what you know in your heart to be Truth.  Look at the nuggets of wisdom you have that you freely disperse to others.  Have you forgotten to be generous with yourself? 

What Truth do you know that you have not been living?  One of the great wisdoms of money is that those who Give, Receive. For the places you chose to contribute, give wholly of yourself.  If you can not commit to giving fully, it may not be a place for you to be at all. Ask yourself: Where can you give more?

What adventures await when you do!

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Capricorn Sun Sign or Capricorn Dollar Sign

I know you will not want to stop the hard work you do to ask questions of yourself. You are on a mission; you know where you are going and the one way to get there.  So, what is the point of taking your eye from the prize?

Well, you may be walking past mounds of gold to pick up a penny. 

It may never have occurred to you to examine how you choose your single point of focus.  You may neither recognize alternatives or the factors that lead you to your current path.  It may just seem like the only right answer. The only responsible choice may own you.  This season is time to pause on your path to success and examine how you ended up on this particular road.  Look at the map and see if you like where you are going.  Scorpio invites you to look for destinations that include love, joy and happiness.  For these things are your birthright.

Wherever you direct your focus, you will most certainly arrive eventually.  Wouldn’t it be best if you arrived somewhere that you want to be?

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Aquarius Sun Sign or Aquarius Dollar Sign

Scorpio is a bit dark for you.  You are a child of friendship and the sun.  The bright paths of joy and camaraderie are your homeland.  And yet, you are creative and unique.  Isolation and loneliness follow you.  Perhaps even stalk you on whatever bright paths you tread.  No one could possibly understand you because you are so different, so decidedly not normal.  Sometimes it feels a bit of a curse.

Scorpio asks you to step a little farther into the darkness.  To move from being cursed to owning the curse.  You can transform a curse from something done to you to something you choose. With this switch you reclaim your power.  What if you are not on the outside because you are different?  What if people are drawn to you because they finally see a place where they are safe to be themselves.  What if your uniqueness does not leave you out of the circle but rather has put you decidedly in the center of it?

What if when you’re willing to take center stage the money will rain from the sky as your reward?

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Pisces Sun Sign or Pisces Dollar Sign

Swim here.  Swim there.  Swim, swim everywhere.  The constant movement in the flow of the river is your home.  Maybe you have not realized money is a river too.  And it’s every bit of home to you as the daily flow of your life.

Your challenge comes not from your inability to connect to money, but from your reach for security.  Trying to cling to the shore as the river pulls you ever onward is exhausting and depressing.  You need to choose a source of faith; in the Divine, in destiny, in yourself. 

When you have faith, you can swim free and claim what is rightfully yours. 

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Astrology is an adventure into our own inner landscapes.  We are multifaceted beings that do not comfortably fit into one box or another.  So read your Sun Sign and Your Dollar Sign.  Or read them all and see what feels true for you today.  You are your final authority.

And remember, money loves momentum.  Small, repeated steps have an enormously magnified impact over long periods of time.  So, make small changes and keep them up.  Big changes move the impact forward in time.  However, significant changes in the way you handle your money have complications in the present.  Be sure to consult with professionals, accountant, legal, tax or otherwise, before making any large investments or expenditures.  Always remember you are the ruler of your money.  Rule Wisely and with impeccable professional guidance.

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

Money Reset

Our financial world runs on poverty & inequality.  The pandemic just grew the gaps in the system. Now, we have the opportunity to do things differently.  And, it starts with You.
Once you remember the power of who you are and know deeply what you’re capable of, your relationship with money has room to grow.  Move from never enough to more than enough.
Understanding your unique money patterns and power points reveals your path to wealth. 

What’s Your Dollar Sign?

The key to your power with Money and Wealth can be found in your astrology chart. We call this Your Dollar Sign.
For some people your Sun Sign and Your Dollar Sign are the same. Others may find their Dollar Sign is a neighbor of their Sun Sign. For still others it is completely different.
Discover your secret money superpower.

You can read Moneyscopes for your Sun Sign or Your Dollar Sign.

Your Sun Sign will relate to your conscious money patterns and instinctive way of responding. Your Dollar Sign will lead you to the deeper work of transforming your relationship to wealth.